When it comes to protect ourselves against fire there are two main aspects we must bear in mind: how to detect it as soon as possible and how to put it out.

Our professionals serve your needs beginning with a custom-made study. We always provide a certified installation with extended warranty products. Our maintenance service by specialized technicias is available 24 hours a day.

Specialzed in Global Solutions on Fire Protection

Engineering Department

We do technical studies on every field and establishment (industry, commerce, dwellings...)

Our engineers arrange the project design regarding fire detection, extinction and signaling.

We design a technical plan about fire prevention systems required and prepare the customer's establishment. We always provice a custom-made service adapted both to your needs and the legal regulations (CTE DB - SI, RSCIEI). This project will be handed over to the Engineering College to obtain the certification.

It is a quick, reliable, effective and viable study.

Security Systems

All of our assembly services are designed and certified by the engineering department. Every installation fulfils the requirements of the legal regulations, such as the "Reglamento de Instalaciones de Protección Contra Incendios 1942/1993 (RIPCI)" (Facilities Regulations in Fire Protection 1942/1993 (RIPCI) - Spain regulation) and the "Orden 16 de abril de 1998 sobre normas de procedimiento y desarrollo del reglamento" (Order of 16th April 1998 on rules of procedure and development of regulation - Spain regulation).

Fire detection

  • CO Control Panels for garage ventilation
  • Ship detection systems
  • Aspirating smoke detection
  • Analogue fire protection systems
  • Conventional fire protection systems

Fire extinction

  • Polyester tanks
  • Fixed extinguishing pumps
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing systems for cooking
  • Nebulizers
  • FM-200 systems
  • Fire hydrants
  • Sprinklers
  • Fire extinction groups


We provide comprehensive and complete maintenance of the systems according to the regulations in force and following the manufacturers' suggestions. You will find different rates depending on your necessities.


Contract the annual service which guarantees complying with Spanish regulations.

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Flat rate

Besides meeting with the regulations, add full coverage in case of possible incidents.

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The most complete service for the maintenance of your system. Get rid of your worries!

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