In order to protect your home or business from burglars, we offer a wide range of security products: control the access to the installations with doorbell cameras, use intrusion alarms or motion detectors. We take charge of the installation and maintenance of the devices.

Control and security for your environment


All the installations fulfil the Spanish law 23/92, 30th of July, "Seguridad Privada" (Private Security), in the article number 5 and "Reglamento de Seguridad Privada" (Private Security Regulation), regulation provided in the RD 2364/1994 9th of December.


  • 24 hours video surveillance.
  • Analogue and IP systems.
  • Continuous image transmission.
  • Simple administration from computer.
  • Connection to electrical panel.
  • Connection to portable devices.
  • Administration of data protection.
  • Specialist technicians.

Security systems

  • Registered alarms.
  • Simple installation, easy use.
  • Specific protection systems.
  • Instant reaction systems.
  • Wireless devices shaping.
  • Specialized technical service.
  • 10 years guarantee in wiring and system.


Our company disposes of a convenient technical service which allows us to carry out the proper inspections and give the best suitable solutions to the breakdowns of the security systems. We offer different price lists for each requirement.


Hire the annual service that guarantees the perfect condition of the monitoring system.

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Flat rate

Add coverage that protects you from the additional cost of possible damage.

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The most complete service for the maintenance of your facilities. Stop worrying!

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