At Extintores Celta, we are specialists in Global Solutions, Fire Protection and Security Systems, and we would like to count on you! If you are a highly qualified technician we would love you to join our team as a distributor. We offer all of our infrastructure and knowledge in management and logistics so that you only have to worry about doing what you can do best, which is your job.

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Technical distributor

We provide all of the tools you may need in order to accomplish the installation and maintenance of the fire protection and security systems.

Commercial distributor

We pay a commission for every installation or maintenance project regarding fire protection that you manage for us.

Exclusive services


All of the administrative tasks are done by a telematic secretary through personalized management software.

Technical support

We provide support regarding maintenance management and project certification.


Support from a brand image which is already consolidated in the market through promotional elements and commercial activities.


Previous live training as well as continuous backup regarding technical tools, business management and commercial skills.

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